CDL Ends for Beverage Cans:

MSCANCO Endmaking plant has two high speed 24-out, 400 spm shell presses and six 4-out 750 spm conversion presses. The two production lines have a total capacity of 8 billion CDL ends, one line is dedicated to SOT202 and the other line is for making both SOT202 and SOT200.

MSCANCO Endmaking facility is one of the largest CDL Endmaking plants in the world. CDL ends are the new generation, lightweight Beverage Ends, combining performance, product aesthetics and in line with the industry trend of light weighting, offering cost advantages. The CDL ends utilize the conventional double seaming technology.
Large Opening End SOT200 and SOT202

MSCANCO CDL Ends are optimized with the Lining, External and Internal Coatings suitable for universal usage across all products and processes.

MSCANCO CDL ends are available for promotional colored tabs, laser engraving tabs, silver/gold ends, and gold/gold ends.
Standard Opening End SOT200 and SOT202

Equipment and Systems

The MSCANCO Easy Open Can End lines are equipped with state-of-the-art technology-

CDL Profile Shell System – the future of Easy Open Ends, using lightweight Aluminium, already approved and being used by major fillers globally.

Fully Automatic Robotic Transfer System and Auto-feeding & Bag Closing – improving hygiene by totally eliminating hand contacts.

Vision Inspection Systems on Liners and Conversion Presses – ensuring 100% inspection of both Public and Product side of the Ends.

Online SPC Quality System – verifying and assuring product quality.

Product Category

Large and Standard Opening Styles

200 (50mm) Stay-on-Tab Easy Open CDL Ends – 100 psi

202 (52mm) Stay-on-Tab Easy Open CDL Ends – 95 psi

202 (52mm) Stay-on-Tab Easy Open CDL Ends – 100 psi
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