Mission And Vission

Mahmood Saeed Beverage Cans & Ends Industry (MSCAN) is one of the subdivisions of Mahmood Saeed Collective Company (MSCC). The grand opening of MSCAN has once again proven the MSCC group’s strong position in the worldwide market.

MSCAN is canmaking and endmaking plant to produce 2 piece aluminum cans and ends for packing the carbonated soft drinks and juices.

The designed two canmaking lines are dedicated for our sister company Mahmood Saeed Beverage Industry (MSBI).  Our sister company MSBI produces varieties of beverages from fruit juice, B Cola to energy drink and mineral water.  Our unique size cans (355ml 204 x 202) enable the beverage brands differentiate themselves among the local market. 

MSCAN endmaking facility is one of the world largest CDL endmaking plant.  It is equipped with two high speed 24-out, 400 spm shell presses and six 4-out 750 spm conversion presses.  The two production lines have a total capacity of 8 billion CDL ends.  Majority of the ends are exported to the worldwide market.  

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